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PROOF These specially prepared coins are the result of highly polished dies used to strike selected blanks (planchets). Unlike The Sheldon system, no real demarcation exists between proofs of varying grades; the dealer and collector will sort through an issue for the better examples of a type which come from the mint or private collections.
Brilliant Uncirculated
A coin of this grade will show no blemishes or sign of wear. The design and legend will appear sharper than the average, a result of early mintage. Full mint lustre will be seen over all the coin, sometimes giving the effect of a proof-like finish.
This coin by definition should exhibit no sign of having been in general use. It will probably be an "average strike" and there should be no wear evident even on the highest points, 'bag-marks' the only blemishes to be found. Full mint lustre should be seen across all the surface. Marks on the obverse and especially the face of the figure, will detract from such a coin's value.
Extremely Fine
In this condition a coin will show very little wear on the legend and high points, with most finer detail being visible. The rim border should be clearly defined with the occasional marks in the field, resulting from the coin's minting and short time in circulation.
Very Fine
A coin in this condition will exhibit some wear on the legend and in the higher points of the design.
The higher points of the design clearly show thorough wear. The rim will also be found to be smooth in parts. More of the overall design will be present.
Very Good
As in the Sheldon system, the coin-type and legend are legible although thoroughly worn through circulation, only the lowest of points are visible, the design resembling a silhouette. Most grades below this are rarely preferred by collectors.


A perfectly preserved note, with no handling signs. Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners and sides are sharp, without rounding.
almost Uncirculated
Abbreviation: aUNC
A virtually perfect note, with minor handling marks. May have a light ‘tellerflick’, a counting fold or a slight centre fold but not both at the same time. Corners are not rounded.
Extremely Fine
Abbreviation: EF
Note should be clean and crisp and can have up to three light folds or one strong crease. Corners can have a light rounding and some light wear may show on the edge.
Very Fine
Abbreviation: VF
A note with some folds, can have some colour smudging, or may have minimal dirty. Corners and edges are showing some wear. There are no tears into the border area.
Abbreviation: F
A note with circulation signs, with many folds. Will have some small tears and can be soiled. The colour will probably be faded and the crispness may be gone or going.
Very Good
Abbreviation: VG
A well used but still intact note. The note will be very worn, faded and stained and may have larger tears and holes.
Abbreviation: G

A heavily used note. The note will be very worn, can have folds, large tears, holes, staining, graffiti and small pieces missing.


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